Crosser Technique

Crosser as Frontline Therapy - use first to try to open arteries, no harm done Delivers True Lumen Crossing - unlike other treatments we avoid impacting the artery wall.

Enables multiple therapeutic options - the device allows for the follow up use of any procedure

  • CROSSER is FDA approved
  • CROSSER is easy to operate. Safe on the patient anatomy.
  • CROSSER vibrates through the blockage at 20,000 strokes per second
  • CROSSER is an alternative to Bypass surgery which carries the risk of surgery including bleeding and infection, the potential for side effects from anesthesia as well as lengthy hospital stays and long recovery time.

There are roughly 150,000 amputations in the US every year. CROSSER is not always perfect. But remember we are using this procedure on the 'worst of the worst' cases and most often after many other options have been exhausted. If CROSSER is unable to get through the blockage you are no worse off than before as it is minimally invasive and all other options are still open.

If you have been told you need a bypass surgery or an amputation or you just generally experience leg pain - consult a second opinion with Dr. Calderon and see if new technologies and treatment methods are right for you. Dr. Calderon is among the first in the country to be trained on this innovative procedure and offering it to his patients.