Holter Monitor / Event Monitor

Holter Monitor / Event MonitorBoth monitors are an EKG device that is worn either for 24 hours (Holter monitor) or up to 30 days (event monitor) that records your heart rhythm for any abnormalities. Abnormal heart rhythms may cause symptoms such as palpitations, “racing heart”, dizziness, lightheadedness, chest pain or loss of consciousness (called syncope). The choice of monitor depends on the frequency and/or duration of your symptoms.

Pre procedure instructions:
Wear loose-fitting clothes such as a shirt that buttons down in the front. This makes is easier for our staff nurse to place the electrode pads to your chest and attach the EKG wires. Male patients may require areas to be shaved to apply the electrode pads. You may wear the monitor with a shoulder strap or belt. You will be given a diary to record any symptoms and events that may occur while wearing the monitor.

Post procedure instructions:
If the 24-hour Holter monitor was ordered you will bring the monitor back to our office. Your physician will read the results. If you will be wearing the 30 day event monitor you will be given complete instructions by our staff nurse on the device and a pre-paid package in which to send the device back to the company when the test is completed. Our office will be notified of any events that may occur while using the device. A final report will be sent to us for your physician to review.