Nuclear Stress Test

Nuclear Stress TestNuclear stress testing is a diagnostic test to determine heart function and if the heart
muscle is receiving adequate blood supply to the coronary arteries. There are two parts to this test; rest and stress.

CARDIOLITE will be injected into your vein while you are at rest and a special camera will take pictures.

The stress test portion of the test is performed on a treadmill or the use of medication that mimics exercise with continuous EKG monitoring. CARDIOLITE will be injected during exercise or after the injection of above mentioned medications and another set of pictures will be taken of your heart.

Pre procedure instructions:
NO CAFFEINE OR DAIRY PRODUCTS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE TEST. This includes decaffeinated coffee, tea, chocolate, soda or decaffeinated soda.  PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY BETA BLOCKERS NITRATES AND CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE TEST UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.  All other medications are okay to take the day of the test. Do not eat 6-12 hours before the test. Diabetic patients may have a snack 2 to 3 hours before the test and take half of your normal insulin dose. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. No sandals, flip-flops or slip on type shoes.

Office staff will go over these instructions in detail when your appointment is scheduled.